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  1. Introduction to the Marketing Team
  2. Main Marketing Goals
  3. Future Plans
  4. Bonuses

Dear Merge Community,

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new branch for our development, without which any idea, even the most extraordinary, massive and necessary, cannot go to the masses — the creation of a marketing team!

1. Introduction to the Marketing Team

Since Project Merge was created by the community for the community, we are happy to accept any users with any required skill sets, who are interested in taking part of the development of Merge, to join our team. …

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When the world was first introduced to the concept of using digital assets as a medium of exchange back in the year 2009, Bitcoin was the one and only cryptocurrency available to the masses. Back then, people were not enthused and were highly skeptical with the idea of transacting with a virtual currency stored on a digital ledger secured through cryptography — the idea itself was coined as far fetched and absurd.

And here we are in the year 2020, with the market for digital assets being saturated with a myriad of different cryptocurrencies known as altcoins. …

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Communication is essential to humans and a lot of activities hinge on it. Throughout history, this major activity has proven to be one of the core features that drive our existence, as humankind has been in the habit of consistently developing ways to communicate efficiently through the use of various methods.

A walk down the memory lane provides a clear picture of how far we have come in the aspect of communication. Back in the days, communication was merely restricted to the exchange of letters, fax, messengers on horseback, to mention a few, but as life progressed, the world experienced a paradigm shift, which led to the invention of modern gadgets like radio sets, mobile phones, television and a host of others, which has helped to improve how we communicate with each other. …



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