3 Reasons to fill your bags with MERGE

4 min readNov 20, 2020


Christmas and the festive season is around the corner, and most people will want to take the opportunity and wish for a faster end to a dreadful 2020 — a year where an unwarranted pandemic has decimated our global healthcare system and as a result ensued a grinding halt to our global economy.

However there are still some people who have maintained a shred of optimism against an otherwise debilitating turn of events. For those people, Christmas is about rewarding yourself and others around you — and what better way to reward yourself than to fill your bag or wish list with a bundle of MERGE?

The following are three reasons why you should get some hold of MERGE for yourself today.

1. Shift in Fortunes

Recent developments over the past few weeks have shown huge signs of promise for the crypto world. News of the new American president elect has created a positive ripple effect across the global economy as markets are showing positive signs leading to an uprising in the weeks and months to come. This ripple effect has transitioned over to the crypto world, where the market capitalization has recovered exponentially; almost tipping the highs of late 2017 in the last few days.

Traditionally, a surge in Bitcoin will be succeeded by another imminent altcoin boom. While massive Initial Coin Offering (ICO) influxes might already be a thing of the past, solid and promising altcoin projects can brace themselves for a surge in their respective market capitalizations. To be recognized as a promising altcoin, a project needs to have substance and value — sometimes Merge is definitely not shy off as elucidated in the following points.

2. Nature of Merge

What makes Merge very special is its background and the nature of the way the project was conceived, as opposed to the many pump and dump ICO exit scams which surfaced during the brief and volatile ICO boom in late 2017.

Merge was created with zero crowdfunding, and was envisaged as a collective effort by communities of abandoned cryptocurrency projects. Merge users were provided with a new lease of life after the first MERGE tokens were distributed through a formulated swap mechanism. Investors will NOT need to worry about Merge being an exit scam, as this project was never conceptualized in a way which puts potential investors at risk of being swindled. You can read more about this in a previous Merge article on Medium.

Fast forwarded to today, Merge has grown from a small group of individuals into a strongly knit community. Individuals with their own expertise will contribute in their own ways — albeit from blockchain technology, to social media strategies and content creation, for the betterment of Merge as a whole and its availability to the masses.

3. Merge Services

On top of being a cryptocurrency unique in nature, Merge is well on its way on establishing a platform for users to reap the rewards that it offers. As of now, Merge users can utilize the Proof of Stake (POS) consensus of Merge’s blockchain and earn passive rewards on their native wallets through staking or hosting masternodes. Alternatively, users may also use Merge’s hosting services and host a masternode without a need for their own virtual private server. Merge’s current ecosystem provides users with a balance of blockchain and non-blockchain services to choose from.

Updates and upgrades are a norm for a progressive project, and Merge is no exception. Merge’s next blockchain upgrade will enable users to execute smart contracts and decentralized applications with the use of Merge’s blockchain. MERGE token holders will also have access to new services such as Rocketbot (an integrated social media blockchain oriented personal assistant) and Merge Radio (an audio center where blockchain related news and content is streamed) and many more.

Do keep in mind that investing in cryptocurrencies exposes oneself to risk, which might sometimes be difficult or impossible to mitigate. Due diligence is thoroughly advised before taking the plunge and making an investment. With this project, the only due diligence you need is to fill your bags with Merge while the price is still low. We might not be able to guarantee you riches, but we can reassure you that we are in it for the long run.

What are you waiting for? Fill up your Christmas bags with MERGE today, or feel free to visit us via the following links:

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