Development Update: December— January

3 min readFeb 12, 2021


Hello and welcome to another update for the months of December 2020 and January 2021. We have not had the chance to wish our Medium community a happy new year, thus we take this opportunity to wish you, the reader, a very happy and prosperous 2021! In 2020, we experienced the highs and lows of the market, with an end of the year recovery and resurgence of Bitcoin, that has opened the way for a new alt season within the crypto-sphere. This year has, in consequence, started with bull signs when looking at the current crypto market sentiment. We hope you stick with us through this exciting and fruitful journey ahead.

Development Updates

During the last two months, Merge's development team has continued making progress in two of our main services, which are further detailed below:


After the release of RocketBot v2, which brought an extensive code refactoring and new features, we are now proud to announce RocketBot v3’s release, where our favourite bot has been integrated on Twitter. This achievement has opened a new paradigm on how users tip and run giveaways to reward their followers from one of the most famous microblogging and social networking services in the world.

The new release is also noteworthy for the addition of two new features, that we mention below:

  • Option for locking coins in a user's RocketBot wallet. This feature is used to benefit from extended usage of RocketBot. Learn more.
  • Tip up to five users at one time, avoiding the need of tipping them one by one.

Other updates in v3’s release include the uniformity of all the bot's commands among the platforms where the bot is currently available: Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

For RocketBot v4's release, the bot will provide an API payment gateway that will allow the addition of ETH based coins to the bot's ecosystem. We look forward for this release, as it will further offer the benefits of RocketBot to a big pool of coins from the crypto industry.

Core Wallet

Our core wallet development team has also been working tirelessly to correct and fix usage issues. It is worth to mention the two following updates:

  1. Improved how Minted Staking rewards are listed in the wallet's transaction list.
  2. Fixed an issue that triggered during the process of refreshing the transaction list while staking, which caused the wallet to crash.

Marketing Updates

Since the release of RocketBot v3 and its integration on Twitter, the Marketing team has put all its efforts in the advertising of the bot in this social network. And this has lead to garnering significant amount of reach and recognition. The bot’s first 28 days on Twitter has shown the very positive acceptance it has had among users:

We will continue with similar efforts during the next months. Our goal is to bring the crypto community's attention towards RocketBot and prove its capabilities and potential usability as a standard wallet for social platforms.

Here we end our December and January Development Update. We have exciting weeks to come. Do not miss it!

Stay safe and healthy!

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