Development Update: September — October

3 min readNov 6, 2020


Welcome to our inaugural monthly update to the community, where we divulge what’s happening with Merge, from both the development and the marketing teams. Without much further ado, let’s get cracking with it!

Over the past two months, there has been a huge number of positive changes that you might have noticed. Restructuring, work on rebranding, new marketing team and much more. Now let’s put everything in order.



Merge’s blockchain upgrade introduces two new and distinctive Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to add to our feature set. These RPCs are unique to and copyrighted by Merge, bringing new capabilities and advantages to coins whose consensus strategy are based on Proof of Stake (POS). Learn more

Website (

Our main site is updated regularly with the latest services and relevant information we share with our audience. During the past weeks, we have updated our list of exchanges, with the addition of StakeCube, and emphasised our social media links by promoting those we plan to use frequently. Moreover, we have extended the list of our services with the addition of Rocket.

Rocket Bot v2

Over the past three months, our tipping bot has undergone extensive refactoring to expand its capabilities to new social media platforms as well as to a web wallet. Users will soon be able to use the bot in these platforms to tip, airdrop, conduct giveaways, get news, and market data, all under one main wallet that will be accessed through a dedicated website too. All deposits and withdraws will be easily reviewed using this web wallet, that will also provide an email notifications feature.

Also, Rocket’s main site has been updated with a refactored home, documentation and listing pages, as well as the addition of SEO improvements to allow a better user experience and ranking on search engines.

Strategic Planning

A promised bonus. We are pleased to announce that we have now full-fledged project managers who are working on the coordinated development of Project Merge. This means that for all our current and future work, our team as a whole follows a coherent and logical path that includes the way we conduct internal communications and organise the work, all while being aligned with our marketing and business strategies.



Merge is now listed on StakeCube and can be traded against BTC, DOGE, SCC, DASH and LTC. Learn more


At the moment, we are working on Merge's rebranding, from the website to the services we provide. Our new branding guidelines can be accessed here.

*Please note that the branding guidelines is subject to change based on Merge's future goals and focus.


We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new branch for our development, without which any idea, even the most extraordinary, massive and necessary, cannot go to the masses — the creation of a marketing team! Learn more

Other updates

As it is always the case, it is invariably better to first under-promise and to then subsequently overdeliver. For the betterment of Merge, we have set our sights to improve ourselves in the immediate future with the following:

  • The support from our community means everything to us. It is imperative that the community remains informed with what’s happening with Merge, and we will focus our efforts to strengthen our community with more interactions and publications across all of our official channels.
  • We understand that outreach and visibility while having substance is everything in the crypto world. Hence, Merge Marketing will be dedicating a considerable amount of effort to enhance our social media footprint.
  • In line with enhancing our social media presence, Merge will need to cement itself as a reputable brand that provides reassurances for both the community and potential investors and newcomers. Presence without substance is futile, and Merge Marketing will dedicate its resources in building a solid foundation for Merge to flourish.

That is all for our first monthly update to the community! If you wish to find out more about us, or if you wish to delve deeper into the world of Merge, the links below will come in very handy.

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