Marketing Update

3 min readOct 30, 2020


  1. Introduction to the Marketing Team
  2. Main Marketing Goals
  3. Future Plans
  4. Bonuses

Dear Merge Community,

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new branch for our development, without which any idea, even the most extraordinary, massive and necessary, cannot go to the masses — the creation of a marketing team!

1. Introduction to the Marketing Team

Since Project Merge was created by the community for the community, we are happy to accept any users with any required skill sets, who are interested in taking part of the development of Merge, to join our team. Ultimately, after an extensive interviewing and planning process, we formed a marketing team to work on agreed marketing objectives for Project Merge. At this stage, our team consists of 7 members who actively work on Merge's marketing activities during their spare time.

Who are we? (below, we indicate our Discord usernames)

  • @stan_btc — researcher and creative direction.
  • @lesliejong — content creation and proofreading.
  • @mrrpiusz — content creation.
  • @Ebuka — content creation.
  • @stevenson7 — social chat support (Discord and Telegram), proofreading and creative direction.
  • @leacymck — proofreading.
  • @PM — project management, graphic design and creative direction.

2. Main Marketing Goals

At this stage, the team is focusing on the following main areas:

  • Content creation, including monthly updates, articles and tweets for the social media.
  • Proofreading of the content we publish.
  • Creation of graphics that supports the content we publish.
  • Analysis and subsequent marketing planning.
  • Communication activities to build long-term collaborations with other teams, who may be interested in our services.
  • Events organisation that will further support activities and widen the existing Merge community and ecosystem.

3. Future Plans

Despite of the relatively large size of our marketing team, team members mostly take part in marketing activities during their free time. Since team members can only devote their free time to further develop our project, we focus our resources on a certain set of deliverables at this point in time.

We are planning to deliver the following on an ongoing basis:

  1. Publish monthly updates (development, marketing and other).
  2. Write and publish around one article related to Merge per week.
  3. Maintain activity on targeted social media platforms that are most popular in the crypto industry: Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium.

4. Bonuses

We have decided that, in order to maintain and amplify interest in reading our articles and updates, we will publish a different array of bonuses directly related to our project and its community at the end of some of our articles. (Bonuses will be published at the team’s discretion).

Bonus Nr. 1

We are pleased to announce that a competition will be announced for our precious community in mid-November.

At this stage, we can only share that the competition will be aimed at strengthening and maintaining the activity levels of our community. The competition will last for a month and users will compete for various prizes.

Bonus Nr. 2

You will find information about it in our first monthly development update, which will be published in the first week of November.

Stay up-to-date by reading our articles and actively following us in the social media!

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