Merge 101: All you need to know about the Merge Project

Since the inception of humankind, the practice of providing goods and services has been one of the core features of human nature. From medieval days to present times, those who met and solved the needs of others have and will always be held in high esteem, receiving both financial and emotional gratification. Basically, when you solve the needs of a person, you create a kind of paradise for her/him and yourself. For example, Mark Zuckerberg solved a long-existing social need, by providing a means for people to connect with friends and family through Facebook. Jeff Bezos leveraged on the recent boom in online sales, which was majorly influenced by the COVID-19 based restrictions to create a seamless e-commerce network, and today you have happy and safe customers and a happier Bezos whose net worth continues to rise significantly.

Interestingly, this same principle applies to all of the wealthy and influential people on Earth, both past and present. They provide a service, you pay for that service with your income, and everyone gets satisfied at the end of the day. However, while this conventional method of value exchange seems to be fair to both parties, from an economical point of view, this system appears to favor the entrepreneur much more than the final user.

Unfortunately, the existing value exchange system in our world today has been designed to operate at the detriment of the common person. While the rich can afford the luxury of paying for goods and services using the interests they earn from their multiple investments, the common person is only limited to his basic earning. Therefore, when their needs seem to surmount their earnings, a huge problem begins to arise. Basically, it appears as if one is losing so much value by paying for services, even when these services are integral to their daily living.

Introducing Merge: Next Generation in Vesting your Assets

> So what is Merge?

Merge is a blockchain-powered platform poised at providing a sustainable financial ecosystem for everyone, regardless of his/her financial status. At Merge, we create a friendly environment where the common person can be empowered to pay for life necessities using the interests made from any money invested into the Merge network.

At Merge, we intend to disrupt the conventional way of value exchange, by providing our users with top-notch services, while also creating a means whereby these services can be catered for with the interests gotten from any investment made into the Merge ecosystem. Just as most wealthy people today spend from the proceeds of their investments, we ensure you do just that and get full satisfaction for all of the services rendered. This basically means that we provide a service and the Merge blockchain also pays for these services.

Merge is the collaborative result of multi-functional teams and individuals who focus on providing Software as a Service, powered by blockchain technology. We are committed to bringing feasible solutions to the existing market situations for both crypto and non-crypto-oriented users, teams, and companies. Our team at Merge is dedicated to providing beneficial services to you on the basis of ‘Eat your cake and have it’.

In order to provide our solutions, we use a cryptocurrency that supports all transactions that run over the blockchain. Such cryptocurrency is called Merge and uses the ticker MERGE. It comes with several features, such as masternodes and proof-of-stake to reward those users that hold the token and support the network. At Merge, we leverage the best of tools and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that we provide users with the best of services.

> Here are some of the services we render

1.0 Merge DNS Seeder

Merge DNS Seeder returns IP addresses of full nodes in a coin’s network to assist in peer discovery, keeping all nodes and wallet synchronized and avoiding the risk of forking.

2.0 Merge Explorer

Many beginners in the crypto space as well as enthusiasts usually seek to explore a full blockchain so as to see data and information on the contents of individual blocks and transactions that you can see on a token’s blockchain. At Merge, we can help projects to set up and manage explorers which is a tool that will allow users to see all this information. Its features include the top menu statistics and the search engine. The Merge team can set up an explorer for your token.

3.0 Merge Hosting

Merge provides an ultra-modern hosting network that can be used to host masternodes of supported cryptocurrencies. Our hosting services are safe, reliable, and innovative. It works in a simple way. First, you choose a token, then choose a deposit channel. After choosing a deposit channel, you deposit the tokens and enjoy your masternode rewards. You can choose to renew or receive your tokens back.

4.0 Merge Markets

Merge provides monitoring and stats of masternode coins, including tracking of price, volume, market capitalization, and blockchain metrics.

5.0 Merge Radio

With the need to disseminate information increasing, there is also an increasing need for methods to actually carry it out. Various media exist and one of them is the use of radio to hear audio content to communities. Merge can help you get your own radio station providing certain technical in the process. Users would only have to bother themselves about the content of the radio service.

6.0 Merge Rocket

Rocket is the bot that bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and social media. Among its several features, users can deposit, send, exchange, and airdrop coins, as well as subscribe to news and tip community members from social platforms.

7.0 Merge Snapshot

The Merge Snapshot is another amazing service provided by Merge. The Snapshot aims to provide a secure and current location with the major aim been to save uses the time spent synchronizing their wallets. We provide very competitive pricing and support in case there are issues.

8.0 Merge SwapApp

Cryptocurrency swaps are integral parts of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Money exchange services allow you to swap various coins and tokens in both directions depending on need. This way cryptocurrencies can be moved from one block into another at a predetermined rate. This service is web-based and performs swaps seamlessly. Our team can help set up and manage the swap app for your currency.

9.0 Merge Toolbox

The toolbox is a network monitor that will help the users to verify their status on a token’s blockchain. It does this in two ways. A masternode status checks and checks to verify if you have been forked. You can have lots of funds if your tokens (during staking) are on different blockers or the wrong chain. The toolbox helps keep you in check by constantly checking your current status. The Merge team can help set up and manage the toolbox for your cryptocurrency.

10.0 Merge DEX Coin Listing

Merge developers have a DEX coin listing service for those who want your currencies listed on MergeDEX. MergeDEX is currently offering a great discount for those who want to list on our exchange. The features of MergeDEX include real-time crypto trading, full protection, and secure wallets among others. All you have to do is apply.

11.0 Merge DEX Referral

Referral-based business is on the upward swing. This way, you get passive income when somebody is brought to trade by you. There are three levels with their reward percentages. All you have to do is register and start sharing your referral link. We would help provide share buttons to help you share your link.

12.0 Merge Merchandise

Merchandising is key to business growth in all facets of life in this service. Merge will help provide an online store for your token where various items can be purchased. This will give you more financial backing for your business. Merge would provide you with a fully equipped online store.

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