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5 min readOct 2, 2020

Communication is essential to humans and a lot of activities hinge on it. Throughout history, this major activity has proven to be one of the core features that drive our existence, as humankind has been in the habit of consistently developing ways to communicate efficiently through the use of various methods.

A walk down the memory lane provides a clear picture of how far we have come in the aspect of communication. Back in the days, communication was merely restricted to the exchange of letters, fax, messengers on horseback, to mention a few, but as life progressed, the world experienced a paradigm shift, which led to the invention of modern gadgets like radio sets, mobile phones, television and a host of others, which has helped to improve how we communicate with each other.

The radio as we all know has been one of the most effective and convenient means of communication that has ever been invented. Ever since its introduction in the late 1800s till this point, this requisite piece of technology has been judiciously utilized to satisfy a wide range of use cases, most of which has been paramount to our very existence. Evidently, we are no strangers to the benefits that the radio provides, as we have all had our fair share of bliss and soothing comfort that the soft sound of the early morning music from the radio provides, or the vital information that we’ve been able to receive on-the-go through our car stereo or mobile radio. These and a long list of other special benefits that the radio provides, has been the sole reason why inventors still find ways to incorporate it into most of our modern devices, up till this point.

Despite the surge in technology and innovations, the radio still remains a viable means of sharing and exchanging ideas, views, and information. Interestingly, most of the modern technological devices which were initially created to replace the radio have instead been used to improve how the radio is now being utilized. The radio has evolved to the point whereby it is now being used to improve every mode of communication today. Today, the radio set has moved to the internet, and this has significantly helped to improve how users interact with this technology. Although terrestrial radio services are common and still very much in use, there are some basic advantages that the internet radios have over conventional terrestrial radios. Some of which include:

1. Easy to set-up

2. Cost-effectiveness

3. Better sound quality, due to lack of interference

4. No Censorship and bureaucratic restrictions

5. No geographical restrictions

Due to the benefits that the internet radio provides, a whole lot of radio stations around are now basing their operations on the internet. Thanks to the internet radio today, communication has been taken to a whole new level, as people can now leverage their mobile devices to gain direct access to top-notch radio services from anywhere in the world. Much more, a lot of devices now come equipped with Wi-Fi including cars (which have internet radios deployed in them too). This way the ease of access (at high speed) has tripled in recent years. All these and even more, have contributed to the reason why the internet radio is currently one of the most sought-after mass communication technology of the modern generation.

Introducing Merge Radio: Number One Gateway to the Merge Ecosystem

About Merge

Merge is a blockchain-powered platform that aims to provide a sustainable financial ecosystem for everyone. At Merge, thinking about the needs of our customers is our number one priority, that’s why we render our services to you in a way that no other platform does. Merge provides a wide range of services, most of which cuts across several sectors. However, this article provides insight into one of our core services; Merge Radio.

Merge Radio

Merge Radio is one of the core services provided by Merge. This unique service provides a platform where blockchain-related audio content is streamed 24/7. Our radio provides a space where blockchain enthusiasts can share their knowledge, opinions, and views, and have debates. It is also a communication channel from where to stay up to date with our latest achievements and announcements. And, even more, it is the station of entertainment with programs and music, where partners and other projects can be promoted.

How we render our Radio services

  1. Providing information and comfort through our radio

If ever you need to stream firsthand information on blockchain-related content at any time of the day, Merge Radio is your go-to portal. Our services range from blockchain-related music to talk shows, podcasts, news, advertisements, and games. With Merge Radio, you can be assured of getting blockchain-rich materials and audio contents. Also, through this platform, you can take part in blockchain-related debates, quizzes and also get hold of recent updates and news in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain on-the-go. Also, major cryptocurrency and blockchain-related Advertisements and Promotions are not left out, as projects run by every one of our partners can be talked about and promoted via this platform.

2. Helping you develop your radio station

Our radio stations are powered by Centova Cast and hosted by Bitcoin Stacks Radio. Through these major collaborations, we are able to create a platform where other blockchain projects can also benefit from our service, as we help support clients who intend to acquire and run their own radio stations. Running your own radio station on the Merge Radio platform is really convenient, as you do not have to worry about the technical aspects of the radio set-up. We believe that by doing this, we are both, directly and indirectly, reaching out to the ever-increasing blockchain listening audience. Merge Radio is powered by the utility token of the merge ecosystem, MERGE.

Here is a list of the features that our Radio offers:

• Hosting

• Site management

• Five DJ login

• 5GB of MP3 Storage

• 250 Simulcasted listeners

  • Discord live stream.

This makes the job a lot easier for any project willing to work with us, as the whole technical parts will be sorted by us. The teams using the service will then have to take care of the content their radio would play to their various communities and audience.

At Merge, we are poised at disrupting the conventional way of value exchange by providing great services and creating a means of paying for these services with the interest you make from investing in the Merge ecosystem.

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